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Parting words of a senior: The best show on TV

ZachWellsMugREALWhat is the best TV show of all time? In a poll, there would be several memorable and notable names thrown around, including: Lost, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Cops, Shark Tank, etc. However, we all know that those answers are not right.

Those shows do provide entertainment and amusement to their viewers, but they do not offer anything other than that.

When I think of criteria for the perfect show, I think of how it affects me as a person when I am not in front of the TV. I look for a show that will change how I see life and how I live it.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the best show on TV is The Bachelor, with a close second being Jersey Shore.
How? Why? What? Unlike these questions, the answer is not as simple.

To begin, The Bachelor offers helpful insight on how to date multiple women at the same time (ladies, please refer to the Bachelorette for tips on dating numerous men).

Other than watching Cheaters or Sister Wives, there really is not that much content to study the taboo subject. However, with the help of The Bachelor(ette), men and women alike can learn some basic techniques in regards to having multiple companions, such as: how to play favorites, how to properly manage time spent with each partner, and even how to dump a handful of women at a cocktail party with several million people watching.

With all joking aside about the contestant’s dating culture, The Bachelor does teach a truly valuable lesson: With a limitless date budget, you can make anyone love you.

I’m not saying these people are shallow or anything like that, but take for example, Episode 3, Season 18, when Juan Pablo chose Cassandra to go on the One-on-One date.

Did Juan Pablo take Cassandra to the park or go see Bad Grandpa at the dollar theatre? Nope. He took her to the beach, where he would use an amphibious Jeep to drive across the ocean to their private yacht.

That’s pretty nice for a first date. Yes, I said it. First date. Most people spend like forty dollars on a first date, which is equivalent to the cost of the fuel Juan burned in his hour-long WaterCar joyride.

To my judgment, Cassandra instantly fell in love with him, making it that much worse when he dumped her on her birthday two weeks later, while on vacation in New Zealand.

Despite this, his extreme budget worked and is pretty much a given for those struggling to maintain interest nowadays.
Sounds enticing, right?

Well, if the allure of beautiful women making rash decisions based on fear and hesitation is too much to resist, please tune into the Bachelor season finale, where Juan Pablo will discover who is The One after only six weeks of knowing the entire group.

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