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Parting words of a senior: The home stretch

ZachWellsMugREALFinals are right around the corner. In just a few weeks classes will be over, and students will cry tears of either joy or sorrow.
Below are just a few tips for surviving finals that I have picked up through my four-year tenure at ORU.

1. Stay the Course
For those who have outstanding grades, keep up the quality work and do not slump and settle for a low A or B. If you started the semester off strong, why not finish it the same way?

The same goes for those who may have not done so well this semester. I mean, why bother? If you have wasted this whole semester slacking off and memorizing the entire soundtrack of Frozen, why not finish the last few weeks of school continuing to waste your time and money?

I don’t think I know anyone who has memorized the closing credits for Frozen yet, so you could at least try that and be the best at something.

2. Make Up Excuses
If you are going to fail, you better have a good excuse to tell your temperamental parental figures. Great excuses include: Excessive fire alarms, insomnia, your teachers who suck at their jobs, illness, etc.

Just know that no matter what you chose or how well you present it, your parents will know that your excuse is bogus. However, the fact that you spent all that time coming up with a reason for your failure will show them that you care a little.

3. Pack and Clean Excessively
As a master of Feng Shui and Humanities worldview papers, I know that a clean, organized room will lead to a stronger harmony, not only in your surroundings, but also in life. These light, positive forces that now encircle you and your surroundings will then lead to better attitudes, nerves and eventually test scores.

Remember, this is a survival guide for finals; if you do not follow it you will not die, just possibly fail. Godspeed.

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