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Satire: The ORU Effect

This fall marks the beginning of my senior year at ORU, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned since my time here, it’s that semester after semester, you recognize fewer students. Yet as I progress, I recognize a phenomenon within ORU’s walls. You’ve heard of The Carbonaro Effect, so buckle up for The ORU Effect. 

Campus tells of a supernatural occurrence where students who meet for the first time will see that same person everyday following the initial introduction. I certainly quipped about this coincidence throughout my time on campus, but one day it made me think—is it a coincidence?

You tell me.

It was an average Monday, except I walked through the Timko building (I never go in there). While in a dimly lit hallway, an unfamiliar face walked around the corner and said hello, I replied, “Happy Monday!” And that was that. I ignored this interaction. 

The sky turned apocalyptic that afternoon, and I took a stroll in the LRC hallways. Alas, in the deserted tunnels a now-familiar face turned the corner—the same face from Timko. A coincidence, I nodded with an eyebrow-raise. That was that.

Shrugging it off as the night drew closer, I keyed into my apartment-style dorm room. A noise shuffled in the hall, so I took a peek outside my door. I knew I had an unknown hall neighbor, but I could not believe my luck (or unluck) when she was the girl from Timko and the LRC tunnel. My spirit grew uneasy.

I woke up eager to clear my mind, so I jogged to the AC, headphones in, and did my workout routine. I relieved my overly-hydrated self and splashed some water on my face. While fixing my hair in the mirror, a face entered the reflection. You’d never guess—it was the same girl. My already lightheadedness skyrocketed as I briskly left the bathroom and AC.   

When returning to my room, I packed up a small suitcase for my planned-vacay to visit my family in Texas, relieved to get away from the weird vibes. The eight-hour drive flew by, and I tucked in bed as soon as I got home. 

The night brought a storm with it, waking me up to thunder and lightning and drizzling. As my eyes shut, I watched one final lightning strike outside my childhood home in Southeast Texas and saw with it: the girl from Timko.

Superstition or not, The ORU Effect should be handled with counsel and caution, as to not throw off the ecosystem of the entire campus. Stay safe out there, ORU.

Featured photo by Camden Swan/Oracle