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Say yeet to capitalism this Valentine’s Day

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Romans celebrated a festival called the “Feast of Lupercalia.” On the evening of the festival, girls would write their names on a paper for boys to pick out of a jar. Whosever name they drew would be their “date” for the festival. Even though we don’t celebrate with the same customs, we still celebrate the holiday, and we call it Valentine’s Day.

The exact origin of Valentine’s Day is unknown and the Feast of Lupercalia is one of the many legends. Regardless of how it was started, it is now a holiday celebrated by millions every year. Valentine’s Day is now a holiday you spend showing some extra love to your special someone— or in my case, my puppy. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Valentine’s Day. My dad would always bring home a bouquet of my mom’s favorite flowers and a box of chocolates for my sister and I. 

As I’ve gotten older, although I still enjoy it, but I have become more aware of the holiday’s tendency to become a consumer trap. From a business standpoint, this day is a land mine because all the men will be scouring the aisles of Walgreens looking for the perfect card and heart-shaped box of chocolates.

According to WFMY News 2, it was estimated that $27.4 billion will be spent in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day this year alone, 32% higher than in 2019. On average, one person will spend a little less than $200 on their spouse, and another $100 on their dinner eating out. Men will spend 3x more than their female partners, and those gifts seem to be important because 53 percent of women say they will break up with their boyfriends if they didn’t get a gift.

 So, if you are like me and love Valentine’s Day, but hate the consumerism surrounding it, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas you can do instead, and it doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day to do them!

      Handwrite a love note

      Make a card

      Cook dinner together

      Visit the Philbrook Museum for free with your ORU ID

      Play tourist in your own town

      Host a game night with your other couple friends