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Saying Goodbye takes 5 years— and then some

Five years go so fast. Five years and you turn around—it’s time to go.

As I sit down to write this, I think of all the articles I have written in the past. It was hard before it was easy. During the second semester of my first year at ORU, I was roaming the catacombs of the GC, figuring my way around, when I passed a curious office door. The first floor of the LRC has many doors and many offices, yet none had such a lure like this one. It pulled and tugged at me until I was hooked. 

Opening the door to the Student Publication Office for the first time, I was greeted by a friendly face behind the desk. She asked if I knew how to write, and I told her I was clueless. I was assured that no matter what I could come to the meetings and start the journey from there. The rest is history. 

I joined the Oracle in the spring of 2016, not knowing how to write an article. My very first article was an announcement of a Victory Church production play called “God Save The World.” I remember the interview being all too easy. They always were. After the interview, however, I all but broke into a cold sweat. It was time to write the article. I remember collecting my notes, sitting down and feeling absolutely lost. I had no idea how to write an article. When it was finally finished, the editor said, “Wow, Rejoice, this is good!”  I said to myself, “I’m not so sure how I did it.” 

The next time I wrote an article, the same thing happened. Eventually, I started to hate it. I was either going to learn how to write an article or stop entirely. I couldn’t keep winging it. My theatre professor Dr. Laura Lee Holland said it this way: “Take your gift seriously enough to educate it.” 

“Amen,” I said, pierced in the heart. I knew it was time to enroll in journalism classes. At least one or two, I thought. The funny thing was, once I started, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t claim the major as my own until 2018, but I couldn’t stop taking the classes. No matter how many times I changed my major—five to six times—I wasn’t going to let go of the Oracle or any of the journalism classes. I was in love. 

            Now, in my fifth and senior year, I look around and everything is coming to a fast end. It’s time to bid farewell to the enchanting Student Publications Office that has held my heart these five years. Goodbye to the classes that worked my tail harder than I expected, to make me the woman I am today. Lastly, goodbye to the dear professors and teachers who believed in me, taught me and ushered me into skills I never thought I could gain. Thank you, and goodbye.