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‘So, why are you here at ORU?’

Photo by Austin St. John
Photo by Austin St. John

“Why did you come to ORU?” It is potentially the toughest question for an international student to answer. Condensing one of the most crucial decisions a student has ever made into a simple response is a true challenge.

There are over 70 countries represented at ORU. It is safe to assume there are a large variety of stories on how each student found ORU. The answer is simple, yet complicated—we had enough godly confirmation to leave home.

When we tell family and friends about going abroad to attend college, their minds instantly think of an Ivy League school. Then they find out you’re moving to “the state above Texas,” to a city where the only existing skyscraper is across the street from campus.

Apparently, my friends and family were not the only ones stunned by my decision to travel to this specific private school. As I was getting my student visa documentation checked in south Texas by the Department of Homeland Security, the officer interviewing me could not help but ask, “why Tulsa?”

The officer was intrigued, waiting for my answer. I had no explanation for him other than God was calling me to ORU. Not only did the officer question my decision to move to Tulsa, but also advised me to “stay in Texas.”

Something I have found out during my time abroad is the fact people cannot seem to avoid asking if ORU is worth all the trouble. My answer; yes, ORU is worth every ounce of effort.

Getting accepted to ORU is not the main challenge for international students. It comes after receiving the acceptance letter. Visa applications and travel details mean stepping out of every comfort zone.

For many international students, getting here was a long journey that tested character in unimaginable ways. ORU means so much because the process starts long before our first footsteps are taken on campus.

Why we choose ORU is the big question. Never in a million years did I think I would be here. Each one of us has a purpose and a specific calling, and for some reason, we could not escape it.

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