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Student heads up “green initiative,” seeks change

Kermit the frogKermit the Frog might say, “It’s not easy being green,” but I have a bone to pick with Kermit. It’s really not that hard being green, or going green for this matter.

You might want to ask, “Well what’s the hype over going green anyway?”

I asked that question too, until I realized that we have to share this Earth with future generations. Our children will inherit the Earth as we leave it. Then it made sense to me why going green may be important.

Going green is beyond a political statement— it is an act that declares that we want to live in a better world and take care of our environment.

It also means that the generation that we are a part of has the power to leave our beautiful Earth better than we found it. We have an opportunity to start a movement on this Earth that is much bigger than ourselves.

As a recent transfer student to ORU, I have noticed the lack of awareness of recycling on campus. Arriving last semester, I was shocked that there aren’t more recycling bins around campus and in our dormitories.

Sometimes, I will buy a drink in a plastic bottle and waste so much more time and energy trying to find a recycle bin to throw it in, that it usually ends up in the trash.

As a student body, I challenge that we change our current situation.

I have been collaborating with different faculty members on my vision and ideas for a better campus recycling program.

My ideas include blue recycling bins for every dorm room, central concentration recycle bins for each dormitory and several other easily accessible containers inside and outside of major buildings.

My vision has been this, and I now challenge you to express your ideas about making ORU a greener campus. I encourage every student to visit the ORU Green Facebook page and share any ideas or further interest.

March 28 will be ORU’s monthly Green Committee meeting, where we have the privilege to meet and communicate directly with staff members who are excited to hear our ideas about bettering this campus.

All students are welcome, and I encourage us to move on this opportunity.

Shawn Dieckman is a junior premed major from Colorado. To get involved with the ORU Green movement, email Shawn

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