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Syndicated Cynic: The emperor still wears no clothes

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Hello, everyone. I’m glad to be back for what’s hopefully my last go ‘round here at ORU, and I expect that all of my readers, from freshmen to faculty, are as ready as I am to push through another year.

I am sure that you all worked a lot this summer, built character, made money, whatever. Personally, I spent roughly 60 hours per week selling footwear and footwear accessories to some of the most difficult human beings at the Woodland Hills Mall. I have at least two new shirts from the GAP to prove my earnings.

I sold an absurd amount of white, low-top Converse All-Stars over the last three months, more than last year, and my little Tulsa, Oklahoma store has become the highest seller of said shoes in the entire corporation. And they just keep buying.

Shoe sales have brought me, once again, to laughter concerning the human race.

Let’s just think about how ridiculous it’s going to look when we’ve all bought white Converse All-Stars and are walking around in shopping malls sipping Starbucks. Our children are going to make so much fun of us.

I may be writing to myself, as I am actually wearing a pair of my white, low-top Converse All-Stars at this very moment, but I think the silliness of mindless conformity is much larger than trendy, less-than-comfortable footwear.

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now. As we begin our safe semester at G-d’s own Oral Roberts University, Palestinians are being killed in Gaza and Christians are losing their heads in Iraq and Syria. Police brutality sits in the headlines and unnecessary death stains our validity as an evolved species.

Now, in reference to the shoes, there are quite a few different trends that any individual can feel obligated to follow concerning all of these intense events. I’ve seen multiple articles across my Facebook timeline that call certain groups, like Christians, conservatives, women, and any other cluster that can bear a title, to take a particular stance for each issue.

Christians call for the exile of Palestinians, Protestants for presidential impeachment and gun-owners for the siege of Ferguson. A good portion of the individuals that identify themselves with their respective groups, just like the under-25s with white Converse, mindlessly follow the trends.

I’ve laid witness to what I had assumed to be perfectly sane people posting certainly insane ideals in reference to this or that political issue, and it has me totally baffled. Did you even read that article?

Maybe we are really searching hard to belong, and, in an attempt to do so, we sell our souls to this or that organization or ideology. We start to look a little crazy. I couldn’t help but feel a little upset when I saw a self-proclaimed Christian argue that the deaths of Palestinian civilians were “standard procedure,” and I wanted to cry when I read that there are people that believe that the murder of Michael Brown is justified by the fact that he may have stolen some cigars from a gas station.

I thought we were better than that.

As human beings we have reasoning skills that outshine any of the other creatures on our planet, and I feel that we should take more time to use them.

Do we really think the deaths of innocent human beings are necessary, or do we feel obligated to say that because some figurehead within an organization told us to? Why conform when we haven’t considered every option?

So, maybe we should prayerfully examine all events before immediately jumping to the conclusions of our peers, our social groups, our associated organizations, political and otherwise. The emperor still wears no clothes, and we’re all sold out of white Converse.

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