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‘The best I’ve ever had’; a letter from the Director

When the Bard wrote, “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” I’m quite certain he did not have his literary nest emptying every spring. This is the hard part, and why I don’t wear mascara to graduation.

The comradery and creativity of The Oracle production process creates an interpersonal dynamic that’s part family, part professional and always interesting and fulfilling. It requires me to develop a persona that’s a combination of mom, drill sergeant and creative muse, with a bit of English schoolmarm thrown in for good measure. Every graduate that departs The Oracle nest to move into new opportunities and the proverbial “adulthood” is the best I’ve ever had—really.  They just get better and better.

This year we bid adieu to Editor-in-Chief Cicely Rubottom. If ever a person was born to be a journalist, it is Cicely. She is relentless in pursuit of the Truth (with a capital T), justice and excellence. She operates equally well across all media platforms. Cicely is already a force in print, digital and film media. I am quite certain we will see her byline frequently in press and in the credit roll of film documentaries. She personifies strong, capable leadership. We will miss her—I will miss her!

Kayley Forshey, The Oracle’s Managing Editor is a writer/editor after my own heart—she reads all The Oracle stories aloud!  I always suggest my students do this, but it has taken an English/Writing major to actually see the merit in auditory editing. The quality and artistic value of the Oracle has been greatly augmented under Kayley’s creative mentorship. And she also writes excellent, entertaining satire.

Goodbye to our female sports editor, Hillary Hurst. Great sports editors are part athlete and part press pundit, all the while keeping an encyclopedia of stats at the forefront of a fast and furious brain. I like for all journalists to take a turn at writing sports—it’s a great way to learn active voice and dynamic writing style. Hillary is a natural at this. ESPN get ready—teams and athletic competitions across the country need great sports reporting like she turns out.

As these young eagles soar high and free toward endless possibilities, we can proudly say we knew them when. And I will cope with an empty nest once again, with bittersweet pride and sorrow.  Godspeed Cicely, Kayley and Hillary!

— Dr. Linda Royall, ORU Student Media Supervisor