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The Femme Fatality: One girl’s guide to gaming

Despite summer’s heat, it can be appreciated for one reason: it gives gamers a chance to play for hours on end.

Gamers of all ranks finally get the chance to finish games. Maybe a game was neglected because of a hardcore language final, or the time you spent beefing up  in the AC. With the heat continuing, it’s not too late to catch up on summer’s hottest gaming trio.

Th is was one of the most anticipated games of the summer with its June 14 release, and it did not disappoint.

I know many gamers are getting tired of the zombie fad, but nothing pleases me more than a good zombie shooter with an outstanding plot. With that in mind, I present to you with pride: The Last of Us.

I’ve been impressed with the developer, Naughty Dog, since the Uncharted series; and with the setting being a post-apocalyptic world with infected human enemies, I was sold.

What really intrigued me about this game was the natural voice acting, and the graphics were beautiful. I would recommend this game.

The only negative is that this game is for PS3  only.

After several delays, Bioshock Infinite was the talk of the town when it released in March.

I think the game was crafted beautifully. However, I found the gameplay a bit tedious, despite the amazing storyline.

Communication arts education major, Zach Sherwood, said that Bioshock Infinite was “one of the best games he’s ever played.”

“The story is amazing and intricate without relying on tropes,” Sherwood said. “There are so many moments where you think you know what is going on, and then you turn around… and everything changes.”

As for the gameplay, Sherwood was also impressed.

“The combat is very challenging but not impossible by any means, and the powers are very fun to use and none are useless,” said Sherwood.

Though I could not get  through the game, I would recommend it due to its superior graphics and an intricate storyline.

The dark dystopian society that was created in this game is really cool.

It is a choose-your-own-adventure type of game, and who  doesn’t love to choose their own adventure?

As an assassin on a mission, you have a multitude of resources and weapons, as well as supernatural abilities.

The Victorian era style of the game paired with aesthetics helps the player feel as if they are in a moving work of art.

The creative direction of this game means I recommend it to any gamer.

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