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The Syndicated Cynic

Welcome back, morons.

It is that time again, and ORU is back in session for the 2013-14 school year. Although, if you didn’t figure that out already and are simply wandering the grounds, attending classes and indulging in the fine campus cuisine for no apparent reason, then you either have some sort of problem or are very enthusiastic about this place.

Either way, welcome.

As the school year gets underway, it may become easy to get caught up in the routine of class, study, work, chapel, eat, sleep (if  possible) and repeat.

I understand that obtaining a degree requires a lot of commitment, but keep personal growth in mind this year; not only in the intellectual sense, but also in the human sense.

Though the words “whole person”are quoted quite frequently on campus, it is vital we all take a moment to soak in what that really means, and to demand ourselves to make time to really grow in every aspect of our lives.

Go out with friends or get that extra mile in; finish a book you have been trying to read since the beginning of summer; get off of campus (yes, there is something outside of ol’ ORU) and discover who you are as a human being  through thought, interaction and prayer.

These few short years of college will be the years that define us, where we step from optimism to cynicism—I mean, where we grow from children to adults or something like that.

From freshmen to faculty, we all have an intense, stellar school year ahead of us.

Throughout it, we are going to have many opportunities for self-discovery and growth as whole people.

Who knows, maybe you can finally get that hot cafeteria date that you  have been searching for since freshman year. I am certainly crossing my fingers on that one.

Seriously, for my sake, do not miss out on the hot cafeteria date.

So as the thick Oklahoma summer fades into a brief but crisp autumn, and as that autumn fades into something that seems eerily reminiscent of a penguin’s hometown, be sure to keep things in perspective.

Don’t be afraid to put your textbook down every once in a while. Make some time to find you, but don’t fail your classes or anything, you have invested too much for that.Regardless of how you spend your school year, keep in touch with me as I give a fresh look on the reality of life at  ORU, and maybe we’ll both learn something along the way.

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