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‘Time wasted is time stolen’

MIQUEAS BARREIROIn high school, I knew about the stereotype of college kids not getting enough sleep, and I promised myself I was not going to do that.

When I got to campus, I started off with a nine-hour-per-night sleep schedule. The preliminary challenges, such as teasing from dormmates, grueling amounts of homework and the loud, distracting life of EMR did not sway me from my path. I was quite proud of what I had accomplished and thought I had overcome college sleep deprivation.

But like all dreams too good to be true, I had a rude awakening; Mandatory sleep deficiency every Monday night, otherwise known as community meetings. Given my Tuesdays start off at 7 a.m., there is no way to make the clinically advised eight to nine hours.

Jamie Austin, one of the first chapel speakers of the semester made his first point about the importance of getting enough sleep. How can we achieve this when our sleep-time is taken from us? The same goes for studying. If we are required to show up for all the meetings and seminars that come with college life, how are we supposed to have enough time to get into the real workload of our classes?

Some people see this “stolen time” as a benefit instead of a waste.

“I have a ton of meetings. I could see them as stolen time, or I could see it as a chance to grow and develop,” said junior mechanical engineering major Christi Sleiman, who is the RA on Claudius 6 East. “Either way, you have to go to the meeting.”

The benefits? According to Sleiman, who is a self-described “social bug,” meetings can be a great time to connect with people, and no meeting is completely devoid of new learning opportunities.

Are these mandated usages of our time a robbery, or an opportunity to grow?      

Performance and attendance will suffer if students can’t sleep the night before classes. When students have an opportunity to determine their bedtime, they should go “early to bed” so they can survive the “early to rise.”

To help those of us with the need for more rest, maybe it’s time for Student life to reevaluate the schedule of meetings and events in the dorms.

We all need to recognize the high value of time, and be sure to make every meeting and opportunity to rest count. Time wasted is time stolen.

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