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Welcome Frosh 50

Photo by Austin St. John
Photo by Austin St. John

Dear member of the 50th freshman class,

I remember arriving at campus for the first time last year. Excitement bubbled in my chest as I unpacked, met friends and walked around the campus.

However, that excitement turned into terror as I waved goodbye to my parents for the last time. I watched their rental truck pull out of upper lot, and the only people I knew in the entire state drove away.

Ah, the Big College Transition. About 800 of you guys are going through it right now. Some of you are rejoicing at the freedom of unlimited meals all day long. Some of you are staying up until 3 a.m. every night, and hating yourself during your 8:50 classes. A lot of you glorious freshmen are facing the fact that you actually miss your family, your dog and your best friends.

If you are handling it like I did, you cannot shake the image of your family ditching you for nine months, but it is okay.

The Oracle is here for you.

We’ve made it our mission to serve the student body with excellence. Our staff chooses to deliver content that will make you feel like you’ve gained something after you’ve spent some time with us.

Unfortunately, we cannot make chocolate chip cookies like your mother, but we can—and will—tell you where to get free slices of pie. We cannot call your professors and complain about your grades, but we can connect you to valuable resources on how to pass HPE with pride.

Most importantly, we will deliver you the truth. You deserve to know what’s happening on this fine campus. If you care to know, the pages of the Oracle will strive to present you clear, concise and timely information.

Now, as you adjust to community bathrooms and living with 30 other people, find comfort in the Oracle. Know that we would cook all of you chicken pot pie, if we could. Instead, we will deliver you delicious news.

In addition, we want to take a semester to honor you guys with a series dedicated to telling your story. Your victories, your triumphs and everything in between…we want to utilize the power of sharing the details of our lives. Check back for our 50th class coverage.

On behalf of the Oracle, welcome to the most golden campus in the world.

Dominique Johnson

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