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Where did my Sodexo go?

Harley LiechtySo, you’ve had a pretty great day today. One of your classes got cancelled, you got an “A” on your last test, and you got to chat with your crush. You’re thinking, “You know what, I’ll go get a smoothie from Freshens. Those drinks are super delicious.” So you get a large smoothie of your choice and pay with Sodexo (bucks). You can’t wait to taste that sweet, fruity drink, but as you glance at the total, you’re shocked when you realize that you only have $50.17 left on your Eagle Card.

For some, who may or may not admit it, you’re already out of Sodexo. My heart and stomach sympathize for you. Many of us are in this same situation. You just now noticed the light at the end of the tunnel, where there is no Sodexo, and you are scared. How can I satisfy my Chick-fil-a, cravings without “free money”? Where will I get my 11 p.m. queso fix during game nights? What can we do to make our Sodexo last for the whole semester?

First realize that some things shouldn’t be consumed all the time. If you haven’t noticed yet, the smoothies from Freshens have gone up in prices and now it takes a Lincoln to pay for a regular size. Another food item is the queso bowl selections from Moe’s. Sure, great queso, but sooner or later you need to watch your wallet for all the money you’ve lost. Now, I’m not saying you need to stop getting these items because they are too expensive. These are just some foods that need to be eaten in moderation.

On the opposite spectrum, there are some food items that satisfy the cravings and are comparable bargains. The Deli provides great options for this category of campus food. My favorite go-to sandwich is the crunchy bagel. It’s hot, it’s yummy, and it’s one of the least expensive sandwiches at the deli. They also serve chili everyday for lunch, which is super satisfying to the taste buds. You can get your favorites for a more fulfilling price as well. Like at Chick-fil-a, if you get two sandwiches instead of a meal, you pay about the same amount, but you get much more food for your buck. If you go to Jazzman’s before 10 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you get a free tall coffee with the purchase of a pastry. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast.

Last, but not least, it’s just good to be smart with your money. When contemplating buying a soft drink or a Naked juice, just go with water over at the Deli. In fact, if you get water everywhere outside of saga, you’d be surprised how much money you save in total.

In dire needs, create a weekly budget. If you can only have one Chick-fil-a meal and two cups of coffee a week, be glad that you can have that luxury while your friends are broke. Overall, it’s just good to save instead of spend. However, if you are hopeless and can only have a tall coffee once a week, you might as well blow it off. Sometimes it’s good to get rid of the temptation totally than to keep fighting it.

I write this because I am in the same situation. I care for you. You, who I hope and pray take these lessons and live a life with Sodexo for the entire semester. I believe that we can all live contently if we just gain some self-control over our cravings. It will be a hard road, I know. But with Jesus and friends to help out, we can make it through the tunnel alive and well with Sodexo to spare.

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