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A new season for athletes

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Samuel Kearns is a guard for the ORU men’s basketball team who has a future with multiple opportunities. Among the new opportunities, signing with Be Great Company is a personal decision that Kearns made to further his professional basketball career after graduating from ORU this spring. 


“Be Great Company is a worldwide agency serving the best talents around the world…We work in every aspect of modern entertainment—with recording artists and producers, models, songwriters and athletes.” 


Kearns was excited when contacted by the agency. Working diligently for a long time, he was finally able to accept an offer from Be Great, who aims to help him find a team that is best for him. 


“I was thrilled,” Kearns expressed. “My family was happy for me too because I’ve worked all my life for it.” 


Kearns started playing basketball at five years old, obtaining interest from his father. Years down the road, he realized that playing basketball in college was an option when he competed against top athletes in high school and proved his skills to college coaches. 


Throughout the first couple of seasons of his collegiate years at ORU, being away from family proved harder than he imagined. 


“It was difficult being away from my family especially when I was a freshman and sophomore, but as I got older it wasn’t as hard,” Kearns said. “They made it out to a lot of games.”


The 2019-20 season led to the Summit League semifinals in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for the men’s team. 


“I expected us to be great, but we lost some games that we should’ve won,” Kearns recalled. “Overall, we were better than what a lot of people expected of us. It was a great season.” 


He says that his four years at ORU will be cherished because of the unforgettable times, atmosphere and friendly faces. To stay ready for any opportunity that comes his way, he continues his daily routine to stay in shape, despite current circumstances. 


“I run every day, do pushups and any other kind of workout I can do from home. I also dribble in my living room,” Kearns stated. 


Along with Kearns signing, two other golden eagles signed with agencies to continue their professional basketball careers. Emmanuel Nzekwesi signed with Edge Sports International and Deondre Burns signed with Keucheyan Sports Management.