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Collegiate Club practices game day cheers, joins men’s basketball for practice

Bright yellow game-day shirts are fill the bleachers all over ORU as this year’s Golden Eagle Club (GEC) revamps the student section. Thursday night, men’s basketball hosted an open practice for students, particularly Collegiate Club members, ushering in the new season.

The Collegiate Club, the student branch of GEC, provides every home game with a loyal fan base and this year the Golden Eagle Club has made changes to the student section.

“This tonight is a call to arms for new students,” said Associate Athletic Director Tim Johnson. “They will be able to impact the game like never before from where they are now seated, this year we are going to start new traditions for ORU.”

The team, students, cheerleaders, management and coaching staff were all in attendance to work out the system for the coming year.

More than 200 students are members of Collegiate Club, it strives to change the atmosphere at every sporting event on campus. This year a special focus has been put on basketball games.

The club consists of regular student members, the ‘bird watchers’ whose job is to keep the excitement alive and the D.J., the group’s primary leader.

“This is a great opportunity for [anyone] who wants to become more acquainted with basketball,” said Development Coordinator Debbie Gimlin. “The new set up this year will be more enjoyable for the students.”

Players said great things happen on the court after hosting pep-rallies and pre-game activities, which lead to over 800 students attending. The club holds the same vision to encourage this attitude of support toward games this year.

“This [club] is the best way for students to get involved and to be apart of this community,” said D.J. Hunter Skoog, who will be actively cheering with students each home game this season.

At the end of the night Head Men’s Basketball Coach Scott Sutton encouraged those in attendance to recruit and bring more people, meet the players and invited club members to come onto the court and pray with the team.

The Collegiate Club will continue to prepare before the men’s basketball exhibition game against Southeastern Oklahoma on Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Mabee Center.