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D-mace: Ex-manager turned player

David Mason began his journey at ORU as an assistant manager for the Men’s basketball team. The job lasted for four years. Now, as a grad student, Mason has found his way onto the team as a walk-on.

“D-mace,” as he’s known on campus, has seen the basketball team go through ups and downs in the locker-room through his four years serving as assistant manager.

His daily duties consisted of setting out practice gear, washing dirty jerseys and mixing Gatorade by the gallon.

Though this was something Mason appreciated, his dream was to play college basketball. That dream became reality at the conclusion of the 2012-2013 season. D-Mace joined the team as a walk-on.

“It’s quite a feeling,” Mason said. “After so many years of sitting behind the bench, helping set-up practices, now I’m the one that’s getting his jersey washed.”

Mason grew up here in Tulsa, Okla. and attended Jenks high school, where he played for the Jenks team.

“Out of high school, I wasn’t looking to play anywhere,” Mason said. “But it was a great opportunity to be here still around the game.”

Mason comes in as a 5’9” guard with a 160 pound frame…not exactly the Division 1 athlete bluprint. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in heart and competitiveness.

“I feel like my competitiveness has brought me to the point where I’m at,” Mason said. “It gives me an extra edge.”

As Mason reflects on the career he’s had, it’s highlighted by a 32 point effort against Jenks’ rival, Union High School, during his senior year.

“I don’t know if I’ll score 30 again, but you never know,” Mason said. “All I know is when I get in, I’m going to be looking for my shot.”

So far, Mason has seen minutes of two pre-season games and scored in both of them.

For most walk-ons, playing time comes rarely, especially as the season continues to progress.

Despite not being a part of Coach Sutton’s 8-man rotation and the likelihood of him not playing a lot, Mason looks on with hope and excitement.

“Whether I get in or not, I’m still going to be the best teammate I can be,” Mason said. “I’m going to cheer loudly on the bench, and in practice, I’m going to bring high energy.”

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