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Details, the focus after ORU’s loss to Navy

Women's Basketball vs. NavyORU’s women’s basketball team ran into a tough team on Friday night when they lost to Navy 89-64.

Head coach Misti Cussen said after the game that the team needs to work on perfecting the details.

“A word that has kind of been haunting us in our program right now is just details,” Cussen said. “We’ve just got little details that we knew in the scouting report that just didn’t quite get executed.”

Cussen said an example of that was the multiple times where ORU would play excellent defense only to give up a score late in the shot clock because of a defensive breakdown.

“It just took one player taking her eyes off of where the ball was in reference to where her player was,” Cussen said.

“All of the sudden that turns in to an entry pass and a three point play because we are late getting there and there’s a foul on the shot. Little things like that are just keeping us from having the outcome that we want right now.”

ORU was held back by a slow start. Navy was able to jump out to a 23-5 lead halfway through the first quarter. Navy’s lead would float around 20 points most of the night.

“Overall we’re just not starting games well right now,” Cussen said. “I think we’re starting games aggressive offensively but we’re not starting games aggressive enough defensively.”

ORU played much better in the second half of the game. The second half score was 42-39 in favor of Navy.

“I think we got better in the second half,” Cussen said. “We fought, we got on the floor after loose balls. There was definitely the kind of attitude that I want to see in our teams here at ORU.”

The Golden Eagles had good performances from multiple players. Freshman Alexus Wilson led the way for the team in points with 17 and only two missed shots.

The point guard position was split between Christian Key and Jenni Bryan for most of the game.

Both had four assists in the game. Cussen said after the game that the status of the position will depend on how the team develops.

A stat that ORU hopes to improve on quickly is their free throw shooting. ORU went 10-21 from the line. Cussen said that the numbers don’t truly represent how good the team is.

“We’re actually a team of very good free through shooters,” Cussen said. “What we are doing in our last three games is not indicative of who we are as shooters at all. That’s going to get better. I have confidence in that.”

The next game for ORU will be on Tuesday night against cross-town rival Tulsa for the Mayor’s Cup. The game takes place at the Reynolds Center at 7 p.m.

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