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Don’t sleep on fitness: A guide to achieving your new year health goals

When you think about the new year, a variety of things may come to mind—the yummy food you will devour, the kiss you will get at midnight or maybe all of your new resolutions. There is no better time to jump-start some new goals than the new year.

Whether you are promoting body positivity and embracing your flaws or working tirelessly in the gym and kitchen to shed pounds, an area of focus that many people have in common is their personal body image and health.

In 2017, a study conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute found that only 9.2% of people believed they were successful in reaching their goals. and 42.2% of respondents confessed to failing to meet their New Year’s resolution every year. In addition, 21.4% said that their New Year’s resolution was associated with weight loss or healthy eating.

At Oral Roberts University, many college students prioritize their health and similarly have New Year’s weight loss goals.

Respondents to an ORU Oracle Instagram poll emphasized the goal of consistently working out throughout the week. Students noted that exercising with friends and feeling better after a workout both help keep them accountable in reaching their fitness goals.

“Even with all my classes, homework, social life and job, I always try to find time in my day to move my muscles and meet my New Year’s resolutions,” said Ashley Jacob, an ORU freshman.

ORU offers students a wide range of intramural sports to help achieve these health goals. During the spring semester, ORU offers basketball, indoor volleyball, soccer and a home-run derby as intramural sports.

“The fellowship that comes through teamwork and friendly competitiveness is amazing to see and be involved in. Some of my closest friends have come from playing on the field,” said sophomore Bryce Anderegg, regarding intramurals.

Alongside intramurals, ORU offers free fitness classes including Zumba, Spin, Barre, Cycle Fusion and Cross-Training. More information on these classes can be found at the Aerobics Center front desk.

“I love the variety of equipment they have to offer during class. It makes me feel like I can get a great workout in with no pressure. It’s an excellent stepping stone to accomplish my fitness goals,” said Makaela Skinner, a junior at ORU.

If you have New Year’s resolutions associated with weight loss or simply living a healthier lifestyle, check out ORU intramurals offered through Student Association or join a fitness class hosted in the Aerobics Center. With help from these classes and sports, you have a chance to beat the odds, accomplish your 2020 fitness goals and become a new you.