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Fantasy Football update

We’re three weeks into the NFL fantasy football season. By now, you are realizing how good, or bad, your team is.

You can also tell which players are going to be huge point producers and which may underperform.

If you drafted Peyton Manning, you are one happy manager. Manning is averaging over 38 points per game. With the offseason weapons Manning has at his disposal, he will likely continue producing high point totals.

Manning’s receivers have also been good for fantasy owners. Tight end Julius Thomas is the top scorer for the Broncos with 14.5 points per game. Despite getting the fewest targets of any Bronco receiver, the targets are likely to be in the endzone, making him a regular starter at the position.

Surprisingly, Demaryious Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker are all being targeted equally, meaning they can all have a good day any week of the season.

Thomas and Welker are producing more though. Both are averaging near 14 while Decker is averaging just over 10.

One of the biggest surprises has to be the production of DeSean Jackson. Jackson currently ranks second and averages 16 points per game. Not bad for a player whose average draft position was 25th among wide receivers.

Eddie Royal is another player who was surprising out of the gate. He, however, will probably not keep up that production. Two and three touchdown games don’t come very often so don’t expect him to keep up the excellent performances.

New England’s receiver situation has been extremely inconsistent. While healthy, Danny Amendola is a good option for fantasy teams. When Rob Gronkowski comes back, he should be excellent for fantasy owners.

I wouldn’t trust any of the other New England targets. Julian Edelman and Kenbrell Thompkins are receiving the bulk of the targets not used up by the injured duo, but both have been inconsistent.

Edelman had a two touchdown performance in week one, but hasn’t caught a score since. Thompkins had a two touchdown game in week three, but hadn’t had over 50 yards either of the two weeks before.

Until the return of Amendola and Gronkowski, it’s probably best to hold back from New England’s receivers.

On the NFC side of the NFL, RGIII is actually posting decent stats despite Washington’s struggles. Griffin is scoring almost 22 points per game. By comparison, Aaron Rodgers, the second highest quarterback so far, is only averaging seven points more.

Just as predicted before the season, the parity between quarterbacks is not very significant. Outside of the top few, there isn’t a huge drop in production.

The difference in total points between the fourth highest quarterback, Phillip Rivers, and the 15th highest, Russell Wilson, is only 20 points.

The difference in running back points, however, is significant. Managers are finding it hard to find depth at the position.

The best running backs are the ones who can score points on the ground and through the air. LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles, the top two running backs, are examples of this fact.

Of the top six running backs, five of them have at least 11 catches through three games.

If you are falling behind quickly, there is still time to save the season. If you make a couple good moves, grab some waiver wire gems, and play proactive, not reactive, fantasy football, you could still make a run at the playoffs.

It isn’t over until the end.

Editor’s note: All point totals from and based on default scoring rules

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