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Graphic disappointment

Every year fans of sports video games wait anxiously for the release of their favorite game. For some, it is Madden. For others, FIFA. However, for a large percentage, it’s NBA 2K, which is a video game based around the National Basketball Association that allows players to play as their favorite team against other players. The first ever version of NBA 2K was released in November of 1999. As the years went on, the video game snowballed in popularity and increased in quality.  

One of the starkest differences from the first game to the most recent one is the graphics. The avatars in the game have transformed from block-looking characters to photorealistic characters. For many, it can even be hard to tell the difference between the video game and real-life games. 

While the contrast in graphics between the first and most recent game is extremely clear, many NBA 2K players have complained that for the last few years, the developers have not actually been improving the graphics. This conspiracy claims that the producers for NBA 2K commercials do one simple thing to convince people that the graphics are improved. They show a side-by-side comparison of a player from the previous year’s game and a player from the upcoming year’s game.

In the older image, the avatar is not sweating, as opposed to the newer images where they are. By default, people would see the sweatier image and see it as more life-like. While this may have worked once or twice, after a few times, fans of the game caught on. Many of them have started calling out the developers of the game on social media platforms. 

In the latest commercial from the videogame empire, they showed some of the new graphics for NBA 2K21. The commercial detailed Zion Williamson, a young star on the New Orleans Pelicans, working out and dunking in an empty gym. When the camera panned over his face, the beads of sweat were crystal clear. These advanced graphics received some controversial opinions. Some fans of the game were extremely excited for the new edition after seeing the commercial. Others claimed that the graphics would not look nearly as good in the game as they did in the commercial. 

Whether or not the graphics are actually improving, NBA 2K is one of the most successful names in the sports world. In 2014, reports showed that they had sold over seventeen million copies of the game. Their deal with the NBA is worth over one billion dollars. It seems that those who see the improvements and those who do not are still buying NBA 2K.