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January ORU basketball recap

Photo by Jonathan Rodriguez


On Jan. 26, the Golden Eagles began with an amazing start to the game against North Dakota State University with two of their leading scorers exploding for points: sophomore guard Maya Mayberry had 17 points and sophomore guard Keni Jo Lippe had 16 points at the break.

There was a series of sensational shots on both sides of the ball, resulting in both teams contending fairly with the score being 38-38 at the half.

Throughout the game, both sides were very patient with the ball, moving it well with a series of ball fakes, patient screens, good tempo and great communication on offense and defense. Such good, quality basketball made the atmosphere of the game thrilling.

At the start of the second half, the NDSU Eagles fought to edge out ORU, but were no match for the Golden Eagles. Mayberry and Lippe combined for a total of 65 points and 15 rebounds to secure the win for the Golden Eagles with the final score of 101-72.

The NDSU Eagles also had some great players with big games, like Rylee Nudell and Michelle Gaislerova, who combined for 40 points.



The ORU men’s basketball game against NDSU was nothing short of interesting. The Golden Eagles fought hard as they trailed closely by three against the North Dakota State Eagles early in the game.

Both teams had great offensive runs against each other, creating an energetic atmosphere similar to the girls’ game. Freshman forward Kevin Obanor led the team with 21 points, followed by the second leading scorer, Sam Kearns, with 13 points. DJ Weaver also had a solid game and secured valuable points.

The second half started with a clash as both teams went head-to-head to earn the victory. The Golden Eagles played a great game, but were not able to establish the win as the NDSU Eagles ended up on top by 10 points.