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Lady Golden Eagles Triumph 3-2 Against Kansas City

Photos by Austin St. John
Photos by Austin St. John

The ORU Women’s soccer came out on top against the Kansas City Kangaroos. The game ended with a 3-2 win for ORU. It was a tough game for both teams as the temperature rose to mid-90’s and the light winds made it hard on the players throughout the game.

Coach Bush said after the game, “We are encouraged by the fact that we responded and replied to the goals and the big moments in the game, the goals for and the goals against. We probably didn’t come out and play the best soccer as far as the first 25 or 30 minutes went but there was a good response at half time and I think that’s important.”

The game heated up and the fans started jeering as a few controversial calls were made however things calmed down at the end of the second half once ORU pulled ahead.

The first goal was scored by Jennifer Abernathy with a 25 yard kick into the left post and ricocheting into the right in the 25th minute. Kansas City’s Ellie Chadick scored a goal in the 33rd minute tying up the game for half time.

Twelve minutes into the second half Kansas City pulled away with a second goal that curved into the left corner. Kayla Keller found Megan Giles who scored again in the 75th minute to tie again and within four minutes Kayla assisted Jordan Parsons with a goal to win the game. Helen Erb, the goalkeeper for the women, shone with 6 saves and only 2 goals allowed.

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