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Nike coaches clinic hosted at Mabee Center

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ORU is hosting Nike Championship Basketball Clinic today through Sunday at the Mabee Center.

“The way it came about is we have a great relationship with Nike. We have a partnership and they’re one of our sponsors,” said ORU Head Men’s Basketball Coach Scott Sutton. “They had called and wanted to be able to use our facilities to put on this clinic. They probably put on eight to 10 clinics a year around the country. When they called, it was obviously something we wanted to do for them, but it also helps showcase our arena and our campus. It showcases the university.”

Holding the clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma works geographically for the Nike program, too.

“I wanted to come to a place in the midwest,” said Nike Clinic Director Ed Janka. “I know Scott Sutton, and I know ORU, and it was a no-brainer that we wanted to hold it there.”

The weekend is aimed at junior high and high school basketball coaches in Oklahoma and its surrounding states. It will feature 11 coaches including Basketball Hall of Fame Member Bobby Knight and Kansas State Head Coach Bruce Weber.

“It’s a great opportunity for coaches in this area, whether they’re from Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri, Kansas or Northwest Arkansas, to be able to come and spend two or three days and be able to learn and listen from some of the best coaches who have ever coached the game,” Sutton said. “Bobby Knight is considered one of the best coaches that we’ve had in our game and obviously brings a wealth of knowledge for coaches.”

Speakers will cover various topics from coaching a team to different drills a coach can use to improve a team’s shooting or defense. The Oklahoma City University basketball team will be used to showcase drills and techniques.

“[The best part of the clinics] is to see male and female coaches of all levels come to this and to have success so they can move on and have winning teams and winning programs. Hopefully we give them a foundation for that,” said Janka.

The Golden Eagle men’s basketball team will hold their first practice of the season during the clinic.

“It’ll be a good experience for us to go out there and practice under different conditions with several hundred coaches in the stands,” said Sutton.

The clinic is open to anyone interested. Registration goes until 9 p.m. tonight and costs $170.

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