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Not quite Division I

Intramurals started up last month, and students have taken advantage of the opportunity to play football.

“The games are extremely competitive. Even in B league, everyone wants to win,” said junior TJ McCarthy. “All the teams really want to beat Young Blood because of their history of winning.”

Preparation for the games resembles the quiet before a storm. TJ McCarthy of team Blitz describes his experiences.

Many teams hold several practices each week.

“Before the games we warm up, stretch, prepare ourselves mentally to play and relax to be ready,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy said the games can get “pretty physical.”

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“Although no one should end up on the ground, you don’t see a play go by where someone doesn’t. It’s physical, but it’s fun,” said McCarthy.
As in every sport, athletes are at risk of possible injury.

“Sometimes the games get really intense. Two guys on my floor got injuries. One of them collided with another person on the field and had to get stitches on his forehead from being cut with a tooth,” said sophomore Alex Bradt.

“Another player actually lost a tooth. He was defending for another person on the team when a guy hit him so hard that his teeth all got pushed back into his mouth. He got braces in his teeth to keep them in place now.”

12 teams will compete in Tuesday’s upcoming games. Catch the ORU spirit and come out to show your support.

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