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ORU Intramurals: the non-athlete’s guide to competitive sports

Student Association’s intramurals are starting up for the 2019-20 school year. What do they have to offer? Anything you can think of—flag football, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, handball, tennis, soccer, indoor volleyball, basketball, softball, racquetball, disc golf and even ping pong.

Intramurals are one of the most popular activities on campus held all school-year long. The primary reason students love intramurals is how fun they are, because students have the opportunity to make a team with floormates or create a co-ed team with friends.

Competition is high and the taste of victory is available to all. Best of all, there are no requirements to be able to play. Students do not have to be athletic or skilled; all teams need from you is to come ready to have fun.  

“It is all about creating community, hanging with friends and building stronger bonds among peers,’’ explained Austin Marler, the Intramurals Executive Director.

Students also have the opportunity to play at one of the newest additions to ORU, the new Intramurals Sports Complex located on the southeast corner of 81st and Lewis. The complex offers fields for playing soccer, flag football, softball and sand volleyball.  

The upcoming sports for the fall season include flag football and sand volleyball, starting on Sept. 3. After fall sports, ORU offers basketball, ping pong, indoor volleyball and racquetball during the winter. In the spring, options include soccer, tennis, disc golf, softball and ultimate frisbee. 

“I played my first year here at ORU and I made some of the best memories playing intramurals. After going through it once, I have decided I am going to play every year from here on out,” said Phillip John, the SA Operations Manager.

How to Join:

If you want to be a part of ORU intramurals, the first step you need to do is download the IMLeagues app on your phone or laptop and make an account with your ORU email. From there you will be able to join a team or create your team. You can receive updates on games and upcoming events through your email.

If you have any more questions, check out the intramurals department located in the Student Association offices in the Hammer Center. You can also email the Intramurals Executive Director at

Featured photo by Jonathan Rodriguez