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Ozone bleeds blue and gold

School spirit is something every college campus needs.  Whether it be wearing a t-shirt or decorating their dorm room, every student has the opportunity to support the school they love.

The ORU Ozone gives students the opportunity to show just how much pride they have for their school athletics.

After the opening of the Mabee Center, the Mabee Maniacs became a dominant “sixth man” presence at ORU basketball games.  Students, regardless of their major, joined together to cheer their Golden Eagles on to victory.

Since then, the Maniacs, now called the ORU Ozone, have expanded their influence campus-wide.

This year’s Ozone is different than any other. After taking over its leadership, freshman Nik Stophel has revamped the program.

“I began by making the Ozone an all-sport student section, rather than basketball only… I would love to see a massive crowd at every game by the end of the year.  So far, we’re doing exceptionally well,” said Stophel.

By expanding to an all-sports cheering section, the Ozone hopes to open the door to more involvement from the student body.

With the new availability to cheer at any sport, the Ozone desires to recruit students who also enjoy other sports such as soccer, volleyball and baseball.

“We recognize that everybody loves different sports, and we want to make this about having fun,” said senior Ozone Vice President Takudzwa Samupunga.

Samupunga said he personally loves soccer and basketball, because he has played those sports. He finds it “exhilarating” to watch the games because of the unified support the Ozone gives.

The Ozone’s expansion has already had an immediate effect on the student athletes; many teams have not had a large cheering section at games in previous years.

“Having Ozone at our games is good for us, and it’s a disadvantage for the other team. Having a lot of people in the stands makes the environment better, and definitely makes us play better,” said senior soccer player Johnny Chavez.

Full student participation in every one of the university’s sports is the new goal of the Ozone.

Involvement is simple. Just arive at any game, get painted up and help the Ozone fulfill their goal of getting the  students to every game this year.

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