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For basketball fans, the early months of the year are marked full of games and the all-important conference matches. And here at ORU, the basketball teams are hitting their strides as conference play is in full swing.

So far this season, the ORU men’s basketball team holds a record of 11-9. With such a record, they are currently the fifth-best team in the Summit League Conference. This season’s non-conference games were not easy, but with improvements from last season the team has a non-conference record of 7-6.

Regarding ways students can help the team, Amengual explained, “You could always sign up to be a manager, or you could come to the games to show support because that definitely helps. It helps boost their confidence—a game really does depend on that sometimes.”

The Golden Eagles remain undefeated at home, boasting a record of 8-0.

There are nine games left in the men’s season, all conference games, leaving time to move up in the rankings prior to the Summit League Tournament. The team currently holds a 4-3 conference record. The conference tournament remains the end goal for each season, standing as something worth pushing hard for and working toward, according to Amengual.

This year, the ORU women’s basketball team maintains a record of 8-12 and a 7-1 record playing at home.

“We’re working on our self-determination and working more as a team. It’s building and it’s going to get better,” said Dayronda Gause, one of the women’s team managers, when describing the year thus far.

The women’s team holds a non-conference record of 5-8 and a conference record of 3-4. Nine remaining conference matches are slated leading up to the Summit League Tournament.

“Non-conference is like a build-up of a lot of details that we need to pick up and things that we need to work on. So it really helps us get ready for conference,” Gause said. “Conference is the real deal for going to the NCAA tournament. We have to fight against other people in our conference and show them that we are here on purpose just like them.”

Going the distance and winning their own battle is the team’s goal when practicing or playing, according to Gause. Both the men’s and women’s teams live with the mindset that they are there on purpose.

The Summit League Basketball Championships for both the men’s and women’s tournaments will be held at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on March 7-10.