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Seniors leave a lasting legacy with teams

CSC_0304 copyFour seniors played their final games at the Mabee Center with two meaningful victories.

On Saturday, the men’s basketball team defeated Sam Houston State 80-73, and on Sunday, the women dominated Sam Houston State 80-50.

After their respective games, Shawn Glover, David Mason, Christian Key and Sarah Shelton were honored.

All four of these players are special to their respective teams on and off the court.

Glover is the leader on the court for the men. He leads ORU in several different statistical categories, and ranks fourth in the nation in field goals made and eleventh in points per game.

“Shawn this year has been incredible on the offensive end,” said Head Coach Scott Sutton. “He is as consistent as anybody in America. He’s always right around [20] points. He’s so solid.”

Preview Photo - Joshua SmithMason made the transition from team manager to player this year, and made his first start Dec. 21 against Houston Baptist. He played 26 minutes and had 10 assists.

“What a story for him to go from being a manager to being able to play and play some significant minutes. I’m really happy and proud of both of them,” said Sutton. “I was very pleased that we were able to win this game for Shawn and D-Mace. I think it’s important for seniors to go out their last home game winners. That’s a game those guys will remember the rest of their lives.”

Key and Shelton went from being role players on the women’s team behind Kevi Luper and Jaci Bigham, to being key players for their team.

Key leads the team in both assists and scoring. Shelton leads the team in rebounds and leads the Southland Conference in blocks.
Head Coach Misti Cussen said their success goes beyond the court.

“These two are the ones that my 10 and six-year-old daughters talk about all the time,” Cussen said. “That just tells you who they are off the court. They are favorites among our team; they are favorites among our coaching staff.”

Both Key and Shelton said their time at ORU has been an incredible experience.

“I’m just really thankful for the opportunity that Misti has given me,” Key said. “I’ve learned so much from all of our coaches on and off the floor. I’m just really thankful for this opportunity.”

“These few years have been great,” Shelton said. “I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to come [to ORU]. It’s been awesome and I’ve had a great time.”

CSC_0344 copyIt was a special thing for the four seniors to go out with a win, but it was just as special for their teammates around them to send them out with a great Mabee Center memory.

“It’s really special,” said Korey Billbury. “Shawn came my freshman year so I was his roommate. D-mace was a manager my freshman year and I just love him to death. We had to get the win and send them off right.”

DJ Jackson echoed Billbury’s comments.

“It was really special because we’re together all the time,” Jackson said. “It was something those guys wanted and as teammates it was only right to give our best effort tonight and try to get that win for them.”

The Golden Eagles will finish their respective seasons on the road. Check for complete coverage.

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