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Sleepers, studs and duds of fantasy football

The NFL season has arrived and fantasy football with it. For the average Joe, fantasy football is just another American past time, but for past league winners and eager college freshmen, it’s the gateway to college dorm glory and potentially your next job promotion. Here are some nuggets for those who haven’t drafted yet:


When you think of a sleeper, you may recall Saints running back Alvin Kamara who, per, wasn’t even a top 25 running back to draft until he became the third most productive fantasy RB of the year. Or future MVP Deshaun Watson, who was ranked the 23rd best quarterback to draft last year, two spots higher than Broncos’ Trevor Siemian. Watson became the number one fantasy QB in a span of eight weeks before his season ending injury.

Call me crazy, but my number one sleeper and must have this season is Will Fuller V. Being, the number two receiver in a system mainly dominated by DeAndre Hopkins, will not only open the field for Fuller but it will also allow the third-year man many an opportunity. Defenses will have to pick their poison this year as Fuller quickly became Deshaun Watson’s favorite target, recording multiple 40 plus touchdown receptions last season. Fuller and Deshaun are ready to pick up right where they left off, so don’t miss out on the offensive explosion brewing in Houston.


In fantasy football you need a good running back, so how could you go wrong in picking Le’Veon Bell? He won’t be on the board for long so if you have an opportunity to pick him, get him. Bell is entering his final contract year in Pittsburgh meaning that this year is an audition for all 32 teams. Not only will he ball out to make a team, but he will also be making a case to become the highest paid running back ever, something that the Steelers are reluctant to fulfill.


You heard it here first, Jarvis Landry is a fantasy bust. Not only has he been mediocre in the past while he played at Miami, but now he’s on a team that went 0-16 last year. Wow. Jarvis isn’t a big red zone threat and if you throw in big bodies like David Njoku, another fantasy sleeper, and Josh Gordon, Landry doesn’t even make a case. Especially if there is a QB battle between Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor, his fantasy demise is only inevitable.