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South Dakota sweeps Golden Eagles 3-0

ORU volleyball was unable to get a win on Friday night at home. The team fell 3-0 (17-25, 17-25, 21-25) to Summit League leader South Dakota.

“Offensively we did fine, even though our passing was horrible,” said Head Coach Sheera Sirola. “Our three main passers couldn’t pass the ball and played too much out of the system. We were actually lucky we put any balls down.”

Junior Laura Milos managed 16 kills, the only Golden Eagle with double digits. Lucija Bojanjac led both teams with 31 assists. Despite the effort, the team was unable to hit higher than .260.

South Dakota capitalized on the Golden Eagles’ weak defense posting 12 service aces while ORU recorded a costly 12 service errors.

“That’s 24 points. That’s almost a full set we gave to them on our mistakes,” she said.

The Golden Eagles are now 4-5, sixth in Summit League standings, with seven matches still to go.

“We are pretty much not in the race for first, but second and third are still a possibility,” Sirola said. “It depends on how the other teams play, it can go either way. I think South Dakota will be the No. 1 team, but the rest are still in play.”

ORU looks to regroup and come away with a win against North Dakota State on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Aerobics Center.