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What’s actually happening in sports?

2020 has been a wild year for sports. Like many sports, the NCAA has been put on hold until further notice for safety duirng COVID-19.

But many, like DayRonda Gause, a senior at ORU and the Women’s Basketball Manager, still work. Instead of watching netflix in her dorm sets up the gym every morning in order for the women’s team to be prepared to train and dominate the competition.

“I wake up at 4:30 am for morning practices. I am responsible for setting up the gym before the coaches and players get there in the morning,” says Gause, “Basketball is a spring and winter sport so we continue to have practices and workouts daily.”

The usual physical training for these athletes is going through the plays and practicing shots around the court. They also have to make sure to eat right in order to be able to play to their best ability and heal any former injuries. 

“Physical training is still the same. A lot of conditioning in this pre-season time is required of the girls, along with a lot of recovery treatment with the athletic trainers,” says Gause, “We are beyond blessed to have our athletic trainers that hold us accountable to stay clean during this semester.” 

Although we’re glad that basketball isn’t slacking off, we also have to wonder about the safety and precautions that managers and coaches are implementing during training. 

 “For the duration of practice all of the staff is required to wear a mask, even when interacting with players,” says Gause. 

This is all new territory for everyone, even to the four returning players. Those returning players will have to find a way to build a quick bond with the 10 new recruits, and  get those plays down. 

“This is a new team and new season,” says Gause, “Our team bonding is growing daily and learning together. We are still getting to know one another’s personalities and gifts.” 

It’s fulfilling to know that our ORU women’s basketball team is working hard and creating incredible teamwork. We still have to worry about the competition’s existence. 

“The coaches are building the foundations for the season with the girls,” says Gause, “The little things that can help us win during the season- which looks like a lot of running, communication, and fundamentals.”

With the team working hard to bring the best possible season they can create this wear, the least the student body can do is amp up the atmosphere with school spirit. 

“I am excited to see school spirit at the games,” says Gause. 

No matter if they’re players or managers, they all deserve the immense support of the crowd. They are all working hard to deal with the hand that was given to them. Once fall sports are back in season this spring, be sure to be in the stands supporting our teams. This is definitely not a season you’d want to miss.