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10 ways to get your turkey fix without going home

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. For many, traveling home for Thanksgiving may not be feasible especially when Christmas break follows just two weeks after. Families are gathering together and sharing memories while you’re stuck within the walls of your dorm room. You may be bummed about missing your mother’s delicious turkey and scrumptious pumpkin pie, but spending Thanksgiving away from home doesn’t have to be miserable. There are several things to do to keep spirits high during break.

  1. Visit a friend’s house

Find a friend who lives in Tulsa and ask if you can join them for Thanksgiving. They will more than likely enjoy your presence. You’ll get a good taste of different home cooking while enjoying the company of warm-hearted people.

  1. Travel with a friend or roommate

If you can’t find a Tulsan to spend Thanksgiving break with, find someone who is driving home. The trip will be a fun mini-vacation, and you’ll be able to experience different Thanksgiving traditions.

  1. Visit extended family members

Join a cousin, grandparent, aunt or uncle or any other family member for Thanksgiving if they live in the Tulsa area. They will enjoy spending time with you while surrounding you with family love.

  1. Have your family come to you

Ask if your family would like to spend Thanksgiving with you. Many students have parents come to visit them if they are unable to leave campus.

  1. Eat out with friends

Grab your friends and eat Thanksgiving dinner at a nice restaurant. Several restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. Don’t settle for fast food either. Many dine in restaurants serve special Thanksgiving dinners complete with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Try Luby’s or Cracker Barrel.

  1. Cook a meal with floormates

You probably won’t be the only one alone on campus this Thanksgiving. Get together with floormates and friends to create your own Thanksgiving meal. The meal doesn’t have to be elegant. The fact that you’re eating your own food can be enough to lift spirits.

  1. Plan a movie night

Gather your favorite flicks and have a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and crack open the soda. Don’t forget to invite friends.

  1. Watch Netflix

Thanksgiving will be the perfect time to catch up on favorite TV shows you’re falling behind on. No longer feel guilty for spending time watching Netflix when there’s homework to be done.

  1. Catch up on homework

This may sound lame, but if boredom strikes, take the time to catch up on things that will be due soon after break. The halls will be quiet, and there will hardly be anyone to disturb you. Your future self will thank you for getting ahead and eliminating some stress from your life.

  1. Rest

Find time to rest. Finals will be coming up soon so don’t exhaust yourself over Thanksgiving break. This five-day break will probably be the last rest you will get before fall semester ends. Take some time to sleep in. Read a book. Watch your favoite movies.Take a long shower. Do things that relax your mind and body.

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