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2020: The year of open-mindedness

2020 has been an extremely challenging year. COVID-19  forced us into a fear-lingering corner, and now we are required to wear masks and keep our distance from one another.

Some of our breaks were taken away in favor of less travel which did not make things any easier. The quarantine that some students had to endure, COVID-19 positive or suspected, did not feel properly implemented. It missed the mark on several details,  such as accommodating students whose Fitbit steps were negatively impacted.

But, maybe 2020 was not all that bad. Despite 2020 being, essentially, the year of COVID-19, there were some benefits that we received.

For one, following spring break, the rest of the semester basically became a work from home situation. A few of us can at least say that we were able to go home and learn from the comforts of our home for once without being commuters.

To me, it essentially felt like I was taking summer classes online and summer had begun. 

The elections also created horrible situations for us. Let’s face it, this election was one that saw more chaos than in previous years.

People saw certain things in each candidate that others did not, and were quick to ridicule each other, break off relationships based only on political views. 2020 had me scared to choose a side, and even more scared to admit who I was rooting for. Neither candidate is the best choice, but it shouldn’t warrant tearing each other limb from limb, either verbally, or in some cases, physically.

But the election may have something good coming out of it. A lot of truth did come out from it—It showed some people’s true colors. Some people were so willing to ridicule, harass, and bully online me for my political alignment as I slowly revealed it. Others showed their more civil side and were willing to have decent conversations. It showed me what people really are like on the inside and made releasing toxic people from my life that much easier. It also made for some really awesome satire media, especially rap battle videos on Youtube between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Looking on the bright side made me realize that we were looking at 2020 all wrong. There are its negatives, sure, but it also has its positives if you look at it with a different lens. I normally give each year a title, and I think 2020 is the year of open-mindedness.  It gave me the lesson that every seemingly negative thing has something positive to counteract it, and I think that is a lesson that I am going to carry with me for a long time.