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31: A sisterhood anchored in Christ

31, an emerging club on campus  is kicking of Fall 2013. It is one of the few clubs that is devoted to women.

President, Rebecca Winstead, has a campus culture-shifting vision for the women at ORU.

“I never want anyone to see me in this, I want them to see the vision of God,” Winstead said.

31 is an all female mentoring program based on Proverbs 31.

“As cliche as Proverbs 31 is for every girl, it is still the heart and the basis of God transforming us,” Winstead said.

“It is not just about the scripture, it’s about seeing that scripture enacted in the lives of women in our school,” Nicole Hopkins said.

31’s informational letter in all bold states: This is not a sorority. Although the girls are paired into bigs and littles, 31 is definitely not a sorority.

31 will focus on the exchange between upper classmen and freshman and a sisterhood that promotes relationships and growth.

31 has a blossoming future at ORU. The first meeting for “littles” is on Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. in Zoppelt. Members can look forward to a year full of laughs, a spring retreat, monthly events and mentoring.

For all who are interested, there is good news: applications are still available on Facebook.

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