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50 days and beyond

See the final look at Joe and Isabelle’s freshman experience here 

Joe Cho and Isabelle Robinson began their journey 50 days ago. Wide-eyed, they arrived on campus full of goals, wonder and anticipation of what the next four years may bring.

In the last month and a half, the Oracle has followed Cho and Robinson’s experiences and captured their journeys through both print and video using the Aurasma app.

At the beginning of the year, Robinson set her goals for this new season on growing in her faith. She hoped to learn new ways of how to love people better as she grew closer to the heart of the Lord. And she did just that.

In less than two months Robinson has become involved in missions and outreach as well as the campus prayer movement. She spends her week nights serving at the Laura Dester outreach and leading a prayer set.

Unlike Robinson, Cho initially set his goals to focus first and foremost on acclimating to both American and ORU culture. As the last 50 days have grown from fresh to familiar, Cho has remained faithful to his original goals but reached beyond to fulfill new ambitions. Now, he focuses his short and long-term aspirations on faith and growing deeper

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