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50 First Days

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Over the next few weeks, we will follow the journeys of two students and take a look at how they acclimate to life as a
new Golden Eagle. Download the Aurasma App, hover it over this photo, and take a front-row seat to their first 50 days.

Isabelle Robinson

Hometown: Mandeville, Louisiana

Major: Christian Counseling

Where she lives on campus: Claudius 2 South, Quest

How’d you hear about ORU?
“My dad knew about [ORU] years ago, and his friend sent his older sons here. But really what drew me to the school was the emphasis on training kids to go into their world and make a huge impact for the kingdom of God.”

First impression o f ORU?
“I love it. Everyone has been super welcoming. Also, chapel has been very engaging and something I look forward to going to.”

What are you looking forward to most freshman year?
“First and foremost, I want to keep growing in my walk with the Lord as he continues to teach me how to love his people better. My number one goal for this year is to grow in my intimacy with Jesus and then, as an overflow of that, be able to share his relentless love with other people I encounter. Secondly, I want to apply myself in school because isn’t that what college is all about? I am so pumped to get involved with ORU and making more relationships.”

What are you most nervous about?
“Moving far away from home has definitely been a bit of an adjustment just because Mandeville is all I’ve ever known and I miss my family so much.”

What do you hope to get involved in?
“I definitely want to be involved in the missions/outreach team. I think this is my favorite aspect of ORU. I definitely look forward to getting involved with local Tulsa outreaches as well as going on some mission trips. I also want to be a prayer leader.”

Favorite hobbies: Robinson enjoys dancing, being outside and traveling.

Joe Cho

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Major: Marketing

Where he lives on campus: EMR 2 East, Vanguard

How’d you hear about ORU?
Family friends

First impression of ORU
“When I looked around at first I was like, ‘Oh, there’s nothing here.’ Before I got here I visited New York first, so there are no buildings out [here]. Then I got into the campus here. It’s very nice. I think it’s like heaven on earth: those kind of buildings and people here and trees everywhere. It’s like heaven, so it’s very impressive to me.”

How has being an international student impacted you so far?
“There are many differences between Korea and America. I thought that I couldn’t make some friends, because I’m not that good at English yet. I’m not a very outgoing person, and I don’t have many foreign friends in Korea, but when I came here people were very welcoming to me. They are very outgoing and very kind to me, so this is the school that I really wanted to come [to]. I know that God has planned for me so I’m really excited to be here.”

What are you looking forward to most freshman year?
“I think I need to take care of my grades first. Still I have the language barrier and I still feel that so I need to improve my English first and then my grade and then my friends here.”

Favorite hobbies: Cho enjoys singing and listening to old jazz music and watching movies.
“I love to sing old jazz songs like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett or Jamie Cullum.”

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