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Alumna finds new voice, records album

Sarah Dinwiddie/Courtesy Photo
Sarah Dinwiddie/Courtesy Photo

Students are constantly told to “make no little plans.” These are the words that Sarah Dinwiddie has kept in her heart even after graduating. She graduated from ORU in May of 2014 with a degree in writing. With just a year out of school she has already written a book and created an EP.

“I have really found my voice and flourished post-grad,” said Dinwiddie.

The EP is called “Paint by Numbers” and will be published in the second week of October on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Her album has an acoustic, folk-pop sound. She wrote all of the songs on the album. Dinwiddie was inspired by her favorite author Annie Dillard and by finding wonder in the mundane routine of life.

Title track “Fiction” carries an upbeat, catchy tune, while songs like “Carved Heart” speak from a broken place and grapple with difficult situations such as divorce.

“[Carved Heart] is a song of believing for joy, believing in hope even when you feel desperate and grieved by life,” Dinwiddie said.

Her first single is already on Spotify entitled “Fiction.” Her inspiration for “Fiction” came while she was editing her first novel, “On the Outside.” In one of the chapters, the main character is in a soda shop and she sees an attractive boy. She daydreams about what could happen between them and the future they could have.

“On the Outside” is a book about a girl who has grown up in a small town and notices something odd about her best friends. Throughout the book she uncovers mysteries about her friends and her own life, weaving an underlying theme of trauma.

Dinwiddie finished the book and is currently working on publishing it. She was never part of the music scene at ORU, but she self-taught herself guitar while working on her degree. She began succeeding in music after graduation.

Her friend Charlie Ross, who has been in the music business professionally for 10 years, encouraged Dinwiddie to pursue music. Through the process of making the album, she found the collection of songs to unveil a new understanding of herself and a new passion.

“I never would of thought music would be my passion,” Dinwiddie said. “Creativity is a means of healing.”

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