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‘Back to the Future’ comparing the1985 predictions of 2015

Twenty-six years ago, Universal studios took audiences into the future with many new and strange advances in “Back to the Future II.”

Continuing the adventures of Marty McFly and Emmett “Doc” Brown, “Back to the Future II” takes the famous duo to the distant year of 2015. This year was a vast leap from 1985.Now that we’re here, it’s time to see if the film’s predictions came to pass.

The first thing the 1989 audience sees is the flying car. The film portrays flying cars as the norm, but flying cars have yet to hit the market. However, companies like Aero Mobile are in the process of making flying vehicles.

The film producers also envisioned hover boards. Hover board company Hendo Hover is in the process of making well functioning hover boards for consumers. Skateboard legend Tony Hawk has even been able to test the new creation.

Fashion takes a drastic change. Marty McFly sports power-laced Nike shoes in the film, which automatically lace themselves when the foot is placed inside the shoe.

According to USA Today, Nike has plans to release power-laced shoes later this year.

The jacket Marty McFly wears in 2015 changes size to fit its owner and comes with an internal dryer if the jacket happens to get wet.

Fingerprint technology allows homeowners to unlock the doors of their homes and even make purchases. In-home technology includes flat screen TV’s and multiple channel viewing. Google Glass technology allows incoming calls from your eyewear.

“They got a lot right in terms of the overall feel of 2015. We’re pretty automated,” said futurist Glen Hiemstra in an interview with Newsweek.

Keep in mind that the movie was set in Oct. 25, 2015. It’s only January, so it’s possible more creations could enter our lives in the next 11 months.

Although dehydrated pizza does not fill the shelves of grocery stores, we do enjoy some of what the film predicted. iPhone has fingerprint-unlocking technology with both Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Overall, the writers of “Back to the Future II” should be proud they predicted so many things right. But the Cubs winning the World Series?

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