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Backpack essentials for everyday college life

ORU students like to keep an assortment of their favorite things in their backpacks for campus life.
Here are the top 10 must-have items.
1. Nalgene “I’m obsessed with water. Staying hydrated keeps me feeling energized, and I drink a ton of coffee so I need to counteract that.” -Victoria Hays, senior
2. A pack of gum “It keeps me focused, and typically you’ll remember better if you chew the same flavor in class and for that same class’s exam.” -Faith Rash, senior
3. Pepper Spray “My dad makes me keep it with me. What can I say?” -Ariel Gazelka, senior
4. Peppermint oil “Might sound random, but it is great for the occasional headache, a sore throat, when you start falling asleep in class or are desperate to get rid of your coffee breath and the person next to you doesn’t have gum.” -Macy Cochran, junior
5. Flashlight “It came in a cereal box and I thought, ‘hey, I should throw this in my backpack.’ I also have extra batteries for it.” -Alex Kinzel, senior
6. Yellowstone National Park newspaper “I like to get news about the park and what’s going on.” -Derek Bell, senior
7. A fork “I was eating mac and cheese and realized I was late to class. So I just ran out and finished it in class. Pretty sure it was in there for almost a week.” -Haley Harris, sophomore
8. Sunglasses “In case you decide to go out to lunch last minute, and it’s sunny out, so you don’t get in a wreck.” -Jamie Cole, freshman
9. Headphones “Just to listen to music if I’m walking someplace, or if I’m bored. Yeah, and for listening to videos on Facebook too.” -Briana Yancy, sophomore
10. ChapStick “I always have to have ChapStick because you never know when you’re going to be sitting in class and your lips get chapped, and it’s really distracting.” -Heather Sherrill, freshman

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