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College students’ guide to Starbucks

Let’s be honest. Starbucks is expensive, but how can a college student be expected to study without it? Luckily, ordering the right way can keep costs down and still produce delicious results.

College students could profit from a Starbucks education. It might take a little memorization, but your bank account will thank me for it.
It seems to be common practice to order either a hot or iced latte. These can be some of the most expensive items on the menu. A latte is made with shots of espresso and steamed milk, and maybe an added flavor. A Grande latte costs about $3.65.
There are several alternatives to this that save money.

Spice up plain coffee
The ultimate Starbucks hack lies in spicing up a cup of coffee. This is the most cost effective and also has the most caffeine. Try ordering a tall coffee in a grande cup with steamed milk to the top. At the condiment bar try adding cinnamon powder and honey for a Café Miel flavor and no extra cost. The relative cost of this beverage is $1.85.

Coffee and tea are both eligible for 50 cent refills or free refills if you are a Gold Card Member. The only catch is that you have to stay in the lobby, which is perfect for a long night of studying.
Make it a misto
Mistos are cheaper, and some say taste smoother than a latte. This is made by combining 50 percent brewed coffee with 50 percent steamed milk, and flavors can be added. The relative cost for a grande misto is $2.70.
Order an Americano
Another option is ordering an Americano. This is made with espresso shots and water, and any syrup if desired. You can always ask a barista to add a little steamed milk for no additional cost. This will cost around $2.75.

Ask for a drizzle
Adding any kind of drizzle, whether caramel or mocha, adds an additional 60 cents. However, a caramel macchiato and caramel Frappuccinos come with caramel drizzle. Double chocolaty chip and java chip Frappuccinos, basically any Frappuccino with yummy chips in it, are made with mocha drizzle on top as well. Here’s the pro tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for extra drizzle for no extra charge when ordering one of these beverages.

Pick one: syrup or sauce
Not all Starbucks flavors are created equal. Flavors are either syrups or sauces, which are thicker. Syrups include vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon dolce, toffee nut, peppermint, and raspberry. All syrups tack on 50 cents. Most of these come in a skinny version. Sauces include mocha, white mocha, and skinny mocha. These cost 60 cents as well.

This means that if you order a caramel mocha latte you are being charged 50 cents for caramel and an additional 60 cents for the mocha sauce. This is because those greedy people who order both a syrup and a sauce must be punished. However, if you order a zebra mocha (mocha and white mocha mixed) you are only charged 60 cents because both are sauces. Ordering either a syrup or sauce, but not both, can save some money.
The first step of ordering wisely is admitting you have a very real Starbucks addiction. Being aware of how the extra charges accumulate is the second step.
On top of saving money, students can also look forward to sound ing like a Starbucks pro when ordering a crafted beverage.


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