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CES presents ‘food baby’ belt, wearable drone

Nixie’s wearable drone camera, Internet Photo
Nixie’s wearable drone camera, Internet Photo

A wearable selfie-taking drone. A belt that adjusts to a “food baby.” Levitating Bluetooth speakers. All these devices and more were featured at The International Consumer Electronics Show.

The exibit took place Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas and attracted more than 170,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors. CES showcased the most innovative technologies of the year. With the surge of technology on ORU’s campus from the Information Technology Department, these innovations could be on a campus near you within the decade.

“Virtual reality is going to take ORU to the next dimension in education,” said Stephen Guzman, ORU programming systems analyst. “The possibilities transcend the educational realities we currently live within.”

Robots nearly outnumbered people. Toshiba’s robot “Aiko Chihara,” claimed to be the android employee of the future. The company cleverly named Future Robot, showed off their “Furo-S Smart Service Robot,” meant to help in customer service situations. A smaller robot called “The GrillBot” could be seen cleaning grills.

Levitating speakers were showcased as the next step in Bluetooth technology. The Air2 speaker comes in two pieces, a speaker and a base, with repelling magnets on each end of the circular components. The speaker floats above the base while it plays music. The levitation doesn’t improve the sound of the speaker, but it does make the speaker appear sleek. The speaker can also be stuck to a metal surface if desired.

The Brother “Dream Machine” brought something new to the world of sewing. It is a $15,000 smart sewing machine with a 10.1-inch high definition display that allows a live stream of what’s happening under the needle.

XYZprinting featured their edible 3-D printer, which makes cookies and other sweet treats from flour and chocolate, much like a 3-D printer makes objects from plastic. The machine features a database of recipes from which the user selects a 3-D food item.

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