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‘Chick-Band’ wins Battle of the Bands

Girls rule and boys drool according to “Chick Band,”the new champ of ORU’s Battle of the Bands.

“Chick Band” was the last group to perform in Student Association’s annual event going up against five other talented bands including “Realeza,” “The Roommates,” “The Nanna Republic,” “Gibraltar” and “Space Pod For Two.”

“It feels surreal, I mean we had a lot of good talent and it was just great to enjoy the moment with your friends and family and we just had a great band,” said vocalist Starlencia Hoye.

After only six practices, Chick Band was able to give the ORU audience a memorable performance as they played popular songs such as Taylor Swift’s “Trouble,” John Mayer’s “Gravity” and “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled.

Drummer Sterling Ray and lead vocalist Kimberlyn Simon interacted between songs in a creative skit-like way. Instead of just playing the music, the group incorporated these bits of acting between sets to spice up the energy.

“I think honestly our music was first and the act just came through spontaneous, hilarious, joking around,” Ray said.

The audience tuned into their fun energy, responding especially well to the finale sung by guest star, Sarah Haag and accompanied by hip-hop choreography.

Bass player Elizabeth Badsen admitted the group had high nerves before they performed, but once they got on stage they remembered to just have fun. Ray chimed in on the subject.

“I just thought, ‘You know what? Let’s just go in and have fun. If we make it – awesome, if we don’t make it – awesome.’”

All six members took away a positive experience and admit to creating lasting memories. Badsen specifically appreciated being able to collaborate as fellow musicians.

The all-female group took home the first place trophy and a $500 cash prize from Battle of the Bands.
The all-female group took home the first place trophy and a $500 cash prize from Battle of the Bands.

“Chick Band” will receive a $500 award and a chance to record a song of their choice with KORU, ORU’s official radio station. They are open to performing again, even though three members will graduate this May.

“Just thanks for letting us be a part of SA; it’s definitely one to cross off the bucket list,” said Ray.

Story by Rachel Anderson, Photos by Wyatt Bullard

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