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Closet trend encourages minimalistic lifestyle

Imagine living out of a closet with only 37 clothing pieces to choose from. This minimalistic wardrobe trend known as the capsule closet is the newest topic of interest among popular fashionistas and style bloggers.

The modern capsule closet, made popular on Pinterest, is a collection of clothing including only pieces essential for a working wardrobe. A mix of 37 tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes is used to create outfits for all occasions. Workout clothes, accessories, purses, swimsuits and underwear are not included in the magic 37 piece limit.

Each capsule closet is designed to last for three months, directing women and men to create different capsules for each new season, trading out their duds every three months with limited shopping. This wardrobe challenge caters to the newly chic minimalistic lifestyle by allowing individuals to maximize their closet space while limiting time spent getting ready for their day.

Here’s how to try it out:

Step 1: Empty everything in the closet and go through the pile, only putting back the absolutely loved items. 

Step 2: Trash any pieces with stains, holes, tears and missing buttons.

Step 3: Sort the clothes left on the bed into three categories:

Love it: This includes any favorites or items which inspire the love for fashion. Put these back in the closet.

Maybe: This pile is for the clothes hardly worn but can’t be parted with, such as ill-fitting items, anything with sentimental value or occasion items waiting for their stylish debut. Put all of these in a storage box and slide it under the bed. Revisit the box at the end of the three months and donate any items still deemed undesirable.

No:  Any item which no longer holds any sense of desire. If it’s still in good condition, take it to a local consignment store and make a few dollars.

Seasonal:  Items in this pile include anything season-specific, such as heavy winter items or light summer pieces. These are to be stored in the room as well and revisited when the right season rolls around.

Step 4: Take a gander at the closet. Remove any  unnecessary items. Choose 37 season (and dress code) appropriate pieces for the capsule closet. Put any duplicate items in storage and make a list of items needed to complete the mini wardrobe. Go shopping, but limit spending to buying only absolutely necessary items. Put everything left in the maybe box.

Step 5: Experiment by putting together new outfits and see how many combinations are possible. The options are endless.

Fall Capsule Guidelines:

4 Dresses

2 Skirts

4 Pants

3 Shorts

2 Light Sweaters

2 Blazers

4 Tanks

4 Button Down Shirts

6 Shirts

5 Pairs of Shoes

1 Trench Coat

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