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College Weekend: Twenty-five years strong

This week in the year 1988, the Fall College Weekend experienced a schedule change that has remained to this day.

According to an archived Oracle article published on Oct. 6, 1988, the dates of the Fall weekend changed from Thanksgiving break weekend to the weekend of Oct. 28-30.

The article said “better weather conditions and flight availability,” were among reasons for the change.

This change is still in effect today, and the 2013 Fall College Weekend is set for November 7-9.

Twenty-five years ago, ORU faculty expected 1,200 prospective students to visit the campus during Fall College Weekend. Since then, ORU’s campus visitation has increased.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the number of campus visits grow significantly; there were 4,200 visits by prospective students in 2012-2013,”  according to an email sent to faculty earlier this semester.

“The Whole Person Scholarship and College Weekend events accounted for over 1,600 prospective student visits last year.”

This year, administrators are expecting even more.

The archived article suggests that, “…changing the date for the Fall College Weekend will give faculty and staff an opportunity to be home for the Thanksgiving weekend, as well as increase the number of available student workers.”

The much-needed Thanksgiving weekend is still a commodity most faculty get to enjoy.

“To my knowledge, the faculty have always had the same time off over Thanksgiving as the students,” said Registrar David Fulmer. “The University remains open the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, so staff have to work their regular schedule, but since there are no classes, faculty are not required to be here.”

In 1988, Fall College Weekend was a huge event that depended on 200 workers to carry out all of the tasks involved. And, especially true in recent years, student workers continue to have a vital role in making the weekend experience of future ORU students a memorable one.

“A College Weekend gives prospective students an opportunity to experience ORU first hand,” said the 1988 Oracle article. “Guests meet the students and faculty, live in the dorms and participate in activities including worship and entertainment.”

According to the university’s website, College Weekends in recent years have also given prospective students opportunities to audition for scholarships including, “Talent Scholarship[s] for students interested in majoring in Art, Dance, Drama, Broadcasting and Music.”

Today, the welcome invitation for potential students is still a priority to the university.

“ORU welcomes visitors from all over the world to experience the campus firsthand,” according to the universities website. “Once here, you will feel the passion and excitement that ORU students experience every day. We believe you will feel the difference the moment you set foot on campus.”

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