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Double take: Celebrity look-alikes on campus

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Hey is that Anna Kendrick? Probably not.  If you have seen any major celebrities walking around campus, it’s more than likely just fellow students.    

These students have been mistaken for celebrities one too many times.  Strangers have asked for autographs and have really believed these students are celebrities.  Regardless of the mistaken identity, these students are normal people walking around with the faces of some very famous people.  Here are five students with famous doppelgangers.

Becca Boudrey/Anna Kendrick

“I went to Incredible Pizza with all of leadership [at ORU]. My friend Mya told all the workers I was Anna Kendrick, and they believed her.”

Danny Charles/Kevin Jonas

“I’m from New Jersey. I actually know the Jonas brothers.  I went to church with them and my uncle built the Jonas Brothers’ first guitars.”

Laura Earl/Amanda Seyfried

“One time I was back home, and we went out to eat. As we were walking out the door, our waitress came and was like, ‘Hey I don’t wanna make a big scene or anything but would you mind giving me your autograph?’ I was like, ‘No, I think you think I’m somebody else.’  She got kinda upset with me, because I think she thought I was lying to her.”

Gabe Kanelopoulos/Flynn Rider

“For the longest time these girls I knew called me Flynn Rider, because they didn’t know my name.”

Seth Turner/Josh Duhamel

“People I don’t know send me pictures [of Duhamel].”

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