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Essentials for winter beards, hair and skin care

With the winter months approaching quickly and beards becoming increasingly popular,  oils can be used for beard care. The cold air strips skin and hair of natural oils and can cause wiry hairs and dandruff. Buying a beard oil takes the guesswork out of finding a successful remedy. The DollarBeardClub has a program to not only help take care of existing man-fuzz, but also aid in growing a fuller beard.

“Let’s just say I had a baby face. Then after I took the products, I turned into a Viking,”  said Dollar Beard Club user Josh Casey.

Casey went on to say he believes the growth oil and vitamins he purchased made the most difference.

Miracle beard growth Beard Growth

Essential oils can rejuvenate struggling beards, dry skin, acne and frizzy hair. Senior Kristen Leupen says the oils changed her life.

“My mom did [essential] oils and I didn’t believe her that they worked until I tried them for myself.”

Leupen gave some great tips and recipes for everyday problems. Lavender, known as the “Swiss army knife” of oil is great for infected skin, headaches, hair growth and stress relief. It is a natural antidepressant and can be used in aromatherapy as well. Copaiba, an essential oil form of ibuprofen, is great for sore muscles, or any bodily pain. Just apply to the affected area to provide relief.  Tea tree oil and blends like Pu-rification by Young Living are natural remedies for acne and skin care issues and can be applied topically to any infected areas.

Argan oil and coconut oil are both rich in fatty acids, making them extremely helpful with skin plumpness and hair growth.Any of these essential oils can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts,,  and

Other great places to get beard care items are Ulta and Sephora.