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Imagine clear summer skies, children playing in a dirt road, and the smell of cashews roasting over open fires. This is what ORU’s second Brazil Healing Team experienced during their month-long trip to the smallest Brazilian state this summer. Their team of
twenty students, three faculty and one alumna went to bring complete healing to the impoverished village of Carrilho.
“Our main focus was on this village,” said David Brandt, the team leader and now ORU alumnus. “We had six teams of professional groups of different majors working on projects, and we would drive to the village almost every day.”
Brandt also led the team’s engineering group to build three cashew ovens for the village. The ovens were designed to reduce the amount of toxic smoke emitted during cashew roasting. This will improve health in the village where an estimated 80 percent of people produce cashews for a living.
“We selected three different groups that were really excited about it,” said Brandt. “So for the next few months they’ll be using the ovens and giving us more feedback on them. In future years, we’ll be able to perfect that design and continue to invest in their business and improve their health.”
This was just one of the projects implemented by the Healing Team this year. They used the research from the last team’s needs assessment in Carrilho to create other programs in the fields of business, nursing, social work, environmental sustainability and education. They also focused heavily on implementing discipleship programs in the local churches to empower local Christians to carry out a long-term transformation for the village.
“Oral’s original perspective on missions was this idea of healing teams, where we send groups of doctors, business people, lawyers, social workers, engineers and educators to poor communities around the world to bring healing for the totality of human need,” said Kevin Schneider, assistant professor of business at ORU.

Schneider started researching the history of ORU’s healing teams in 2013 and found that although the concept was originally piloted in the 70s, a true multi-disciplinary team was never implemented. Schneider began to work with Bruno Teles, an instructor of business at ORU from Brazil. Teles had a dream to help the village of Carrillo since he was 19 years old and hiked in the area. Their proposal to bring back healing teams was approved, and they started the five-year project in Carrilho in 2015. ORU Missions will continue

to send healing teams to Carrilho for the next three years.
According to Schneider, no matter who you talk to, ORU is passionate about reigniting Oral Roberts’ original vision to transform the nations through multi-disciplinary healing teams.
“I think the most important thing we accomplished this past month was connecting with the local churches,” said Eugenia Phan, the assistant team leader. “Jesus didn’t tell us to go and build more effective ovens, or to put in sewage treatments, or to improve education. He told us to make disciples. So all these different things that we’re doing are very useful tools to do what Jesus told us to do.”

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