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‘Every song is a story’

Christian rapper, artist and producer Andy Mineo will visit Tulsa Friday during his “Uncomfortable” tour. Mineo hopes to spread the message of “embracing the uncomfortable situations,” a motto he has been learning over the past few years.

“Expect a great story. Definitely more than just your typical concert,” Mineo said. “We put a lot into our live shows. Make sure it’s a memorable experience. It’s also going to be a lot more adventurous. It’s not going to be 40 minutes of the same thing. It’s going to have a lot of ebb and flow.”

Mineo started listening to rap in his adolescent years. During middle school and high school, Mineo made a studio in his basement where he would record music. He continued the trend in college and was soon discovered by Christian rapper Lecrae. Reach Records signed Mineo, and the young rapper launched his music career.

Mineo’s music gained traction fast and brought thousands of fans. His first album, “Heroes for Sale,” reached number four on the Top Rap Albums Chart and his EP “Never-Land” reached number one on iTunes.

Telling his story is how Mineo has truly connected with his fans. His latest album “Uncomfortable” continues to tell more of his life experiences.

“Every song has its own story. Every song has its own inspiration behind it, but collectively it’s just through life,” said Mineo. “My best songs and my best lyrics come from conversations with people and through my own personal experiences. I’m always thinking of ways to translate the common, everyday human experience into something meaningful.”

Mineo’s ability to relate with real life experiences is one of the reasons why so many are drawn to him and his music. Even with all the success and fame, Mineo aims to bring all glory to God. His relationship with Christ has made him the person he is today.

“I became a Christian a few years ago, and my relationship with God has altered the way I think about the world, the way I think about life, the way I think about relationships, money and success,” said Mineo. “That’s a real authentic relationship I have with God I think that spills over into my music.”

Growing as an artist is the next step for Mineo. As he continues to write more music, Mineo will strive to write from “inspiration” instead of “need.” If he’s not inspired to write, he won’t.

“I think growing my music is going to be largely in part me growing as a person, as an individual, as a thinker,” Mineo said. “That’s where my inspiration comes from through my life experiences, and I think that as I continue to grow as a person I continue to grow creatively.”

Mineo will be in concert tonight at 8 p.m. at Guts Church in Broken Arrow. General admission is $20. Tickets can be purchased at

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