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Fair Food: Sweet, salty and deep-fried

The Tulsa State Fair has come back to town and the food is as extravagant as ever. The fair is home to more than 650 commercial vendors and concessionaires. Tulsa citizens spend the week walking around seeing vendors and attending concerts but the food is the biggest seller.

“I wish I could eat everything,” said fair attendee, Samuel Johnson.

The choices include a wide variety of interesting combinations and fair food classics. Cotton candy, pineapple whips, funnel cakes, and fried candy bars are the foods every patron thinks of when going to the fair, but chocolate dipped bacon keeps the intrigue sparked. From anything on a stick to everything deep-fried, it would be impossible to not find something to like. Everyone loves the fair’s ultimate classic footlong corn dog, but try something a little different while there is still a chance. Many fairgoers are found enjoying classics with a twist like donut burgers.

“It is something I look forward to every year,” said another fair goer, Parker Jackson. “I can’t get enough of the sweetness paired with the meat.”

Another popular choice is turkey legs. The local turkey leg is said to have about 1,136 calories and is often seen cleaned to the bone by happy customers. If something deep-fried sounds good, do not worry, they have that, too. A selection of pickles, candy bars, Oreos, cheesecake, Twinkies, and cheese all come out of the fryer hot and fresh and ready to be served. A favorite deep-fried treat is the deep-fried peanut butter and jelly. The sticky sweetness of the pair melt right in the mouth. All of this food cannot be enjoyed without a famous fair lemonade or limeade to chase it all down. Go enjoy the fair and all the eats they have to offer now until Oct. 9.